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MicW i825 Lavalier Kit

MicW i825 Lavalier Kit

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Omni Lavalier Microphone Kit, Connection 35mm.

MicW i825 Lavalier Kit

MicW i825 Microphone

& Accessory Kit

Package Contents

The i825 lavalier is an omnidirectional, lapel worn microphone. This device has been manufactured to the highest mechanical and electronic engineering standards. As soon as you take it out of its packaging and insert into your iPad, iPhone or Android device you instantly appreciate the aesthetics of its design. The capsule is much smaller than many at this price point which makes for a discrete, unobtrusive unit. Although primarily a lapel worn microphone it can also be hidden in the hairline or a wig for theatrical use and musical productions. The i825 has high intelligibility which makes it perfect for all vocal based recording situations be they speech or singing.

The i825 is recommended for on-air productions, in studio or an external set. The i825 is equally at home used in forum discussion situations or for interviewing purposes. With its toughened cable and tiny capsule size it is also durable enough for ENG use. The sensitivity of the microphone's capsule makes the i825 ideal for use in youth productions when there is often the need to pick up the low level output of children's voices.

Because of the omnidirectional pickup pattern and lightweight construction it is also perfect for miking up acoustic instruments such as violins, violas and flutes.

If there is a requirement for ambient recording the i825 is the perfect tool.

There are a number of accessories available which allow the microphone to be used in many different situations.


Suggested Applications

• In the workplace. i.e. measuring sound level in the workplace, record meetings, audio notes etc.

Suggested Compatible iOS Apps


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