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Mackie XR824

Mackie XR824

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1300W 2-way Active Speaker.

Mackie XR824

The Mackie XR824 Active Studio Monitors are a pair of 8'' professional studio monitors featuring a 1'' black anodized aluminium tweeter and a 8'' Kevlar woofer. The Mackie XR824s provide reference-quality audio for mixing and mastering applications, with its wide frequency response (36Hz - 22kHz) ensuring you hear every nuance of your source audio. The ELP Bass Reflex System is engineered to provide greatly increased output capability as well as an extended low-frequency response. Driven by the 160W bi-amplified Class-D amplification, the Mackie XR824s deliver exceptional audio performance for a range of audio applications.

Reference Quality Audio Performance

The Mackie XR824s Active Studio Monitors are a pair of 8’’ reference-grade studio monitors featuring a 1’’ black snoozed aluminium tweeter for improved harmonics in the upper range and an 8’’ Kevlar woofer for fast transient recovery, producing an accurate and extended low frequency response. The XR824s utilise a logarithmic waveguide that delivers acoustic alignment for a flatter and balanced sound across all frequency bands. The XR logarithmic waveguide works by matching the high-frequency dispersion pattern of the woofer, resulting in a seamless midrange transition for the perfect balance. The 160W bi-amplified Class-D Amplification spreads the amplification for both high and low frequency bands with 100W dedicated to the low frequency drivers and 60W for the high frequency drivers.

ELP Bass Reflex System

Mackie have introduced a unique way to boost the low frequency response by developing and integrating the ELP Bass Reflex System. The ELP Bass Reflex System builds on the design of traditional bass ports, opting for an internally curved design with a zero-turbulence, elliptical exit on the rear of the monitors for an extended low frequency response. This unique design allows you to hear the depth in your bass response, while eliminating the air noise that you may incur with typical bass reflex ports.

Design & Construction

The Mackie XR824s include a specially designed internal bracing that adds stiffness to the monitors for reduced distortion and enhanced clarity. You can also optimise your monitors for your mixing environment, enabling the best sound for your space. The adaptable controls include: Acoustic Space – allows you to change your overall response to match most configurations, HF Filter – helps match the monitors to your room and LF Filter – rolls off the bottom-end to simulate smaller desktop speakers (ideal for checking how your mixdowns will sound on different systems). The monitors themselves features a black wood grain finish for the classic studio feel and come complete with custom acoustic isolation pad to reduce unwanted resonance and improve the overall bass response.


• ELP™ Bass Reflex System engineered for zero turbulence, providing greatly increased output capability and extended low-frequency response

• 1” black anodised aluminium tweeter reveals the finest details and upper harmonics of your mix.

• 8” Kevlar® woofer offers fast transient recovery for incredibly accurate low frequency response

• Specially designed internal bracing adds stiffness for reduced distortion and enhanced clarity


Acoustic Performance



Electronic Crossover


o -3dB @ 36 Hz

o -3dB @ 80 Hz

o Whole: Flat

o Half: -2 dB @ 100 Hz

o Quarter: -4 dB @ 100 Hz

Input Type


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