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Radial MC3

Radial MC3

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V2 Monitor Controller.

Radial MC3

The MC3™ monitor controller is a studio tool that enables you to take command of your monitor system, with the ability to quickly select between two sets of powered speakers and adjust signal levels, and additional control for headphones and a subwoofer.

Potential Applications

The most common application for the MC3 monitor controller is for switching between two pairs of monitors within studio environments. The Radial MC3 allows you to see how your mix with sound at varying levels using different sized speakers. The built-in mono switch is ideal for checking AM radio compatibility.

A dedicated output for subwoofers allows you audition mixes with and without the additional bass responses. The MC3 also features independent controls which enable you to adjust the subwoofer level and phase.

The MC3 can be used to split a stereo signal and send audio to two separate pairs of speakers within two zones/rooms.


• Individual ''set and forget'' controls to fine tune levels


o Out-A: 2 x 1/4'' TRS (Left & Right)

o Out-B: 2 x 1/4'' TRS (Left & Right)

o Sub: 1 x 1/4'' TRS

o Aux: 1 x 1/4'' TRS

o Stereo: -108dBu

o Sub: -95dBu

o Headphones: -87dBu

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