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Our DJ equipment is supplied by some of the top brands in the industry including Allen & Heath and Numark. Product categories include DJ Decks, DJ Mixers, Headphones and Full DJ Systems.

Products Sections

DJ Decks

We offer the finest DJ decks in the audio industry including Vinyl and CD decks.

DJ Mixers

Available are high quality DJ Mixers sure to meet al of your mixing needs.

Full DJ Systems

We have Full DJ Systems that come fully ready for your needs offering a range of fdifferent features.

DJ Headphones

We have a variety of Headphones perfect for mixing your favourite tunes.

Featured Video

Check out our latest featured video from Allen & Heath

DJ Equipment Information

A typical DJ setup can be made up of lots of different pieces of equipment dependant on preference. Typically a DJ setup will include a set of two turntables or a laptop running DJ software. The Turntables will play back Vinyl, CDs or MP3 files. The turntables will be connected to a DJ mixer to allow you the ‘crossfade’ blending the songs playing on each turntable to you requirment. DJ mixers typically allow you to adjust the Hi, Mid and Low frequencies so you can do things like beatmatch with the bass coming from one turntable, and the mid and an hi from another. A pair of headphones is connected to the DJ Mixer to allow you to listen to potential changes before they are made and allow you to beatmatch accurately before crossfading. The Mixer outputs will be plugged into a PA system which will output the sound for your audience to hear.

DJ Equipment History

DJing was first introduced to radio in the 1940 as a way of breaking up the talking. As music on radio became more popular, the need for specialised equipment grew. The first solution to this problem were vinyl turntables. They allowed radio station to play a constant stream of new music to their listeners. The equipment used to play the vinyl disks was fairly archaic with the vinyl being spun on a rotating unit using a belt driven system. A major issue with this audio playback method for radio was the fact that there would have to be a short delay between songs because there was a delay in starting the record and the signal being heard. To solve this problem, a new type of turntables that incorporated a direct drive motor started the be manufacturer which gave DJs much greater precision and an immediate start when playing back. The introduction of the CD in the latter part of the 20th century ended DJ’s reliance on Vinyl and led to dedicated CD decks being produced-known as CDJs. Using CDs was beneficial because of audio quality and large quantities compared to vinyl were a lot more portable. Nowadays, a lot of DJs are migrating over to MP3 and using software solutions rather than physical CDs. This obviously give them the benefit of not have to take packs of CDs with them and allows to addition of many effects during mixes that are not available on CDJs.

DJ News

Softube launches Weiss Deess plug-in

Supremely transparent and effective de-essing. With algorithms ported from the gold-standard Weiss DS1-MK3, and a total design overhaul to suit the modern studio environment perfectly, the Weiss Deess plug-in from Softube is here!

Native Instruments releases Session Strings 2 and Pro 2

Native Instruments releases Session Strings 2 and PRO2: The new contemporary ensembleTwo new instruments offer a contemporary take on the small string ensemble. Session Strings PRO 2 gives you control of a 22-piece string ensemble, recorded in intimate detail, with a wide array of articulations for realistic expression.

PreSonus Fat Channel Plug-ins Deliver Expandable Processing for StudioLive Series III Mixers

Thanks to advanced engineering and the unique interoperability between PreSonus® hardware and software, you can now enhance your StudioLive® Series III mixer and Studio One® Fat Channel with plug-in processors. 
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