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We offer a wide range of Guitars, Acoustic and Electric, and their accessories with include Guitar Amplifiers, Bass Amplifiers and Guitar Effects. The Product Categories on this page include Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Guitar Amps, Bass Amps, Guitar Pedals and Effects and Guitar Accessories.

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Product Sections

Acoustic Guitars

We have a range of beautiful Acoustic Guitars that are suitable for beginners and advances musicians.

Electric Guitars

We have a range of Electric Guitars that can start you on the road to becoming a pro Guitar player.

Bass Guitars

We have some great Bass Guitars that will give you all the finger exercise you need.

Guitar Amps

Our Guitar Amps can give you the perfect sound that you're looking for for your band and live performances.

Bass Amps

The Bass Amps we have available include amps suitable for large venues and more portable smaller models.

Guitar Pedals and Effects

Our Guitar Pedals and Effects can transform you Guitar or Bass Guitar into something completely unique.

Guitar Accessories

We have guitar accessories that can aid you in your journey to becoming the next Jimi Hendrix.

Guitar Information

A Guitar is a fretted instrument that usually has six strings. It is played by both hands by plucking or strumming strings using a pick or your fingers. While doing this you simultaneous fret strings with your other hand. The sound is projected either acoustically by the hollow body of the guitar or electrically through an amplifier/speaker. Acoustic Guitars have three different main types; the classical guitar which is nylon stringed;the steel stringed acoustic guitar; and Jazz or Archtop guitar. Electric Guitars were introduced in the 1930s and use an amplifier and loudspeaker to amplifier to sound loud enough for the performers and audience to hear. There are a wide variety of effects pedals for Electric Guitars which modify the sound. The amplifier played a key role in the development of rock and blues music.

Guitar History

The Guitar as we know it is thought to have originated from Spain in the early 16th century. It is derived from the guitarra latina which was a late medieval instrument. Early Guitars were much narrower and deeper than the Guitar as it is now and it had a much less pronounced waist. The Guitar originally had four sets of strings. It had three double and the top was single. Early guitars were tuned CFAD. A fifth set of strings was added before 1600 and by the late 18th century it a sixth string was added. By 1800 all the double strings were replaced with single strings and the turning was EADGBE which is still the standard tuning today. The Classical Guitar didn’t appear until the 19th century after the innovations of Antonio Torres. Variants included 12-stringed, or double-course, the South American charango and the Mexican jarana, both small five-course guitars.

Guitar News

The Ampeg Liquifier Analog Chorus pedal

The Ampeg Liquifier Analog Chorus pedal delivers incredibly rich tones thanks to its dual chorus circuit design. Experience classic dreamy chorus or turn it all the way up to transport your tone to a new dimension. Get the lush sounds you’ve been dreaming of with the Liquifier Analog Chorus. 

The New Plex Preamp

The Plex preamp combines 47 years of amp design experience with state of the art technology to deliver the flexibility today's musicians require. The heart of every GK product is the active 4 band “variable Q” equalizer and contour circuit that set the standard for bass tone shaping over 30 years ago. Building on this proven foundation, the PLEX features expanded filter options that allow you to further dial in your...

Voco-Loco Effects Switcher for Voice or Instrument

Connect any mic to your guitar pedals The Voco-Loco combines a microphone preamp with a guitar pedal effects loop, allowing a lead vocalist, sax or trumpet player to add guitar pedals to their audio signal path just like an electric guitarist adds effects for soloing. Simply plug your mic into the Voco-Loco via the XLR input, connect your effects pedals using standard ¼" guitar cables, and then send the output...
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