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We offer a wide range of Home Audio equipment for your enjoyment. Everything from Surround Sound Systems to Gaming Headsets. The Product Categories in Home Audio include Headphones and Headsets, Hi-Fi, Portable Audio Equipment and Home Cinema.

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Headphones and Headsets

We have a variety of Headphones perfect for listening to your favourite tunes and ideal Headsets for gaming.


Our Hi-Fi collection includes the best quality home speakers that are sure to brighten up your listening experience.

Portable Audio Equipment

The Portable Audio Equipment that we have available allows you to take an enjoyable listening experience with you.

Home Cinema

Our Home Cinema products can bring you the full cinema experience from the comfort of your own home.

Featured Video

Check out our latest featured video from Mackie.

Home Audio Information

Home audio systems include audio electronic items such as surround sound systems, portable speakers and shelf stereos. It also includes items like consumer headphones and gaming headsets, anything that can enhance your home audio experience. Surround sound systems give you the full cinema audio experience. The most common types of surround sound systems are 5.1 which uses five bandwidth channels and one low frequency effects channel. A 7.1 surround sound system adds two extra speakers to your 5.1 system. Gaming sets can enhance your gaming experience especially in multiplayer, with them usually being fitted with a microphone to converse with your fellow players.

Home Audio History

Home Audio dates back to before Electricity. Edison’s phonograph was the first ‘true’ piece of Home Audio Equipment, a low fidelity, monaural sound reproduction format. Stereophonic sound didn’t exist until the 1930s when EMI British Engineer Alan Blumlein invented and patented stereo records, films and also sound sound. It was invented as a means of creating a more realistic reproduction of audio recorded in a live environment. Stereo sound was further expanded in 1971 by CBS Records and Quadraphonic sound was born. This is the equivalent of today's 4.0 surround sound. The format never gained much popularity at the time Surround Sound formats were used in cinema that date all the way back to films like Disney's Fantasia. The format became available to consumers in the 1980s. There are a variety of different surround sound formats with Dolby Pro Logic being one of the oldest and Dolby Pro Logic IIx being one of the newest.

Home Audio News

Free Play LIVE is the ultra-portable, personal PA of your dreams

Free Play LIVE is the ultra-portable, personal PA of your dreams. With tons of power, crystal clear sound, up to 15 hours of battery life, and much more, Free Play LIVE is perfect for performers, buskers, presenters, and even for rocking out to your favourite playlist.
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