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Our Live Sound and Lighting products include everything you will ever need for Live Performances. Whether you are just looking for simple tools, or products for an extensive live rig, we have everything you need. Products in this section include, Live Sound Amplifiers, Lighting Products, Microphones, Mixing Consoles, Monitor Controllers, PA Systems, Recording and Playback Products, Staging and Live Sound Accessories.

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Our Live Sound Amplifiers are high quality robust products. Everything you would expect from the top brands.


We offer a huge amount of lighting products for varying applications.


Our microphones include products from some of the top brands in the audio world including vocal microphones, drum microphones, and amp microphones.

Mixing Consoles

We have pro quality mixers suitable for a variety of different uses including studio, live performance, DJing and home studio.

Monitor Controllers

Monitor controllers are are important tool helping you to make appropriate decisions when mixing. When comparing multiple sources, you need a monitor controller.

PA Systems

We offer Full PA systems, Active and Passive Speakers, and Subwoofers. All that you need when looking to purchase a PA system.

Recording and Playback

Available are recorders for many different uses including film recorders, location recorders and studio recorders. We also have Playback Systems suitable for backing tracks for bands and installations.


We offer high quality staging that's suitable for all sizes of venue for all sorts of different events.

Live Sound Accessories

We have Live Sound Accessories that will help aid you in your live performances.

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Live Sound and Lighting Information

A PA system is made up of varying components. Typical PA systems will include Amplifiers, Microphones and Loudspeakers. They can also sometimes include other related equipment like mixing consoles. A PA system increases the loudness of a sound whether it be a musical instrument, human voice and any other sound source. PA systems are used in public venues throughout the world an vary in power. Some examples of the places you’ll find them include, music venues, sports stadiums, schools, aircraft and even supermarkets. PA systems vary in complexity with hugely from simple announcement systems in places like churches up to intercom systems with hundreds of different sources. A PA system can comprise multiple sound sources with multiple microphones, a mixing console to combine the source sources and control their volume output, multiple amplifiers to amplify the sound, and loudspeakers for ‘outputting’ the source. PA systems can be made up of passive loudspeakers with an external amplifier, or active speakers with inbuilt amplification

Live Sound and Lighting History

Traditional promoters were not focused on amplified sound for live events. It was only in the mid-twentieth century with the creation of the electric guitar, amplifier and also rock and roll that changed this. Most PA systems in the 1960s were made up of stacks of 12 inch speakers with amplifiers that would often distort because of not being able to handle the volume coming through them. As the era of Rock and Roll continued and audiences kept growing, manufacturers realized that they needed to develop larger audio systems and they did. By the 1980s, PA systems had starting to move from floor to ceiling allowing more room for staging. As technology advanced, more complex and smaller amplifiers were developed as a result of great fidelity when sound is coming from a single source. By the 1990s, powerful inline source speakers allowed larger and larger events to be possible much like the Stadium Arena events that we have today.

Live Sound and Lighting News

DT 240 PRO Closed studio headphone for monitoring

The DT 240 PRO is designed to suit the needs of creative professionals. The compact over-ear design respects your mobile lifestyle while giving you true studio performance in any environment: directly check your recordings on the spot and work on your projects during travel.

The Radial JDI Passive Direct Box

Jensen Transformer equipped passive DI, Eliminates hum and buzz from ground loops, Virtually zero phase & harmonic distortion, Exceptional signal handling and noise rejection.

The Mackie AXIS™ Digital Mixing System

The Mackie AXIS™ Digital Mixing System delivers unmatched speed, visibility and customization for professional production and install. With full Dante® interoperability, the modular AXIS system combines the power of the 32-channel DL32R™ digital mixer and innovative DC16™ control surface to deliver a live sound solution with all the I/O, processing, recording capability and control needed for professional applications. 
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