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We offer the finest Pianos & Keyboards suitable for wide variety of applications. Whether you're looking for a MIDI keyboard for your Home Studio, a Grand Piano for a permanent install, or your first Piano that you'll use to learn to play, we can help you find a Piano or Keyboard that suits you. Products include, Digital Pianos, Grand Pianos, Keyboards, MIDI Keyboards, Synths and Piano Accessories.

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Digital Pianos

We have Digital Pianos available from top brands that are perfect for live performance and studio usage.

Grand Pianos

Beautiful Grand Pianos for you to choose from.


We have Keyboards available from many different manufacturers that come in all sizes and shapes for live performance and studio applications.


The synthesizers available include everything from classic analogue modeled synths through to the latest groundbreaking digital synths

MIDI Keyboards

We offer MIDI keyboards that come in all sizes from the best manufacturers in the industry used in live performance, studio, and DJ situations.

Piano Accessories

Our Piano accessories include everything you might need to compliment and aid your performances

Featured Video

Watch our latest Piano and Keyboard video from Keith McMillen

Piano and Keyboard Information

A Piano or Keyboard is a musical instrument with a row of levers that are pressed using your fingers. There are many different types of Pianos and Keyboards including Piano, Grand Piano, Organ, Electronic Keyboard and Synthesizers. Pianos and Keyboards come in a wide range of sizes which is dependant on how many keys/octaves the instrument has. The difference between a Piano and a Keyboard is that a Piano is acoustic whereas a Keyboard requires a power source. Some Keyboards offer a wide range of different sounds from their sound library including Strings and other Orchestral Instruments.

Piano and Keyboard History

Bartolomeo Cristofori di Francesco was a musical instrument maker that is famous for creating the piano. He created the Piano in 1709 after being appointed to the Florentine Court of Grand Prince Ferdinando de' Medici to care for his instruments The word Piano is shortened from the word Pianoforte which was an Italian term for the early versions of the instrument. The first instrument similar to an Electronic Keyboard was the Denis d’or stringed instrument build by Vaclav Prokop Dovis in 1753. It has 700 strings that were temporarily electrified enhancing their sonic qualities. Jean Baptiste Thillaie then developed another Keyboard Instrument in 1760 called the Clavecin Electrique. This instrument was activated by electricity but did not use electricity to produce sound. The first truly Electronic Keyboard was invented by Elisha Gray and was called the musical telegraph which made sound from an electromagnetic circuits vibration.

Piano and Keyboard News

Keyboard Mixer, USB Interface and Performance Pedal

The Key-Largo is a unique and powerful device that combines a multi-channel keyboard mixer with a USB audio interface, while providing the ability to control elements of the performance with foot switch control.

K-Board Pro 4 Expressive Smart Sensor Keyboard

K-Board Pro 4 is a four-octave MIDI keyboard controller with multiple dimensions of touch sensitivity in each key. K-Board Pro 4 is MPE compatible, sending attack velocity, release velocity, continuous pressure, horizontal position, and vertical position data to offer the deepest level of expressive playing.

The New Numa Compact 2x Extremely Mighty. Endless Combinations.

The Numa Compact 2x brings to the extreme the power of the Compact family. Packed in the same compact size cabinet there are now 3 sound engines. A tone wheel organ model derived from Numa Organ, the Sledge sound synthesis and 1GB of samples memory. The new USB port allows to transmit and receive digital audio. Save more space using the Numa Compact 2x speakers to amplify the sounds of...
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