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We have professional equipment available for all of your Studio and Recording needs. Our product categories include Audio Interfaces, Converters, Headphones, Master Clocks, Microphones, Preamps, MIDI Devices, Studio Monitors, Synths and Studio Accessories.

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Audio Interfaces

Browse our audio interface section that includes the latest Thunderbolt and USB products.


Our converters have the best possible specifications with professional conversion quality.


We offer the highest quality headphones from leading manufacturers in the audio industry suitable for everything from casual use to critical listening when mixing and mastering.

Master Clocks

Browse our Master Clocks that include products from leading brands. A reliable source for synchronized audio.


We offer a fantastic range of dynamic, ribbon, condenser, and sound modelling microphones that are perfect for any situation.


Take a look at our high end Preamps helping to provide on the best audio quality when recording.

MIDI Devices

We have MIDI devices that include the latest MIDI keyboards and drum samplers.

Studio Monitors

We offer Studio Monitors that will give you the crisp and clear sound that you've been looking for. Perfect for your Home or Professional Studio.


We offer beautiful Synthesizers that can be the centre point of your studio.

Studio Accessories

Our Studio Accessories can help you in your studio and make your life a whole lot easier.

Featured Video

Watch the latest video on the Discrete 4 from Antelope Audio.

Studio and Recording Information

A recording studio is a facility for recording musicians, mixing, and audio production. Recording studios can vary in size from small home studios up to large scale commercial studios. Over the past 20 years will computers becoming increasingly accessible it has made it easier for musicians to record themselves has has made to process much less expensive. A typical recording studio will include the ‘studio area’ where the musicians play, the control room where sound engineers operatie with audio mixing consoles, computers and outboard effects equipment. The engineers will listen to the recorded tracks using high quality studio monitors or headphones and will typically use computer recording software to make the recordings. They can then make edits to it afterwards. In mid-to large studios there will usually be isolation boothe to accommodate loud instruments like drums or guitar amplifiers stopping these loud sounds from being picked up by the wrong microphones.

Studio and Recording History

The Phonograph is where the history of recording begins. Created by Thomas Alva Edison to improve the telephone, it created a way to playback and record audio. Ten years after Edison’s invention, Emile Beliner sound a way to etch grooves that carried sound onto a horizontal disks surface, which led to the production of mass recorded disks. Sound reproduction boxes became very popular in arcades in 1889 and functions much like the pub jukeboxes we have today. The first recording studio was opened a year later by the Phonograph Company. Recordings were produced on thick wax disks. 1904 changed that with the invention of the triode leading to the demise of the hand cranked Victrola and the birth of records being electronically recorded. Western Electric made electronic recording using microphones and amplifiers possible in 1925. However, until the late 1940’s recordings made could not be edited and were recorded direct to disk. This changed in the 1930s when the recording industry started using sound recording tape and eventually led to multitrack recorders in the 1950s. In the 70’s LPs were replaced by cassette tapes making music portable but by the 1990s compact disc and digital tape recorders replaced these. The move to digital technology had seen many digital devices created for recording including software for computers offering musicans a wide range of choices.

Studio and Recording News

Softube launches Weiss Deess plug-in

Supremely transparent and effective de-essing. With algorithms ported from the gold-standard Weiss DS1-MK3, and a total design overhaul to suit the modern studio environment perfectly, the Weiss Deess plug-in from Softube is here!

Native Instruments releases Session Strings 2 and Pro 2

Native Instruments releases Session Strings 2 and PRO2: The new contemporary ensembleTwo new instruments offer a contemporary take on the small string ensemble. Session Strings PRO 2 gives you control of a 22-piece string ensemble, recorded in intimate detail, with a wide array of articulations for realistic expression.

PreSonus Fat Channel Plug-ins Deliver Expandable Processing for StudioLive Series III Mixers

Thanks to advanced engineering and the unique interoperability between PreSonus® hardware and software, you can now enhance your StudioLive® Series III mixer and Studio One® Fat Channel with plug-in processors. 
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