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64ch MADI Player.


The 64 Channel Madi Player (BBP64MADI) provides 64 channels of audio playback using the MADI (Multichannel Audio Digital Interface) protocol with all audio being played back from an external USB drive. With thousands of products worldwide using this protocol, the BBP64MADI is the perfect device for any playback job where MADI is begin used as the main audio i/o and the ability to sync to video during playback is required.

The BLACKBOX Player – an innovative playback solution from JoeCo, the company behind the award-winning BLACKBOX range of multi-track recorders. Based on the same trusted technology, the BLACKBOX multi-track player is available as a software upgrade for existing units, delivering high quality, absolutely reliable multi-track playback in a variety of formats and a compact 1U package. When you simply can’t afford to have your playback fail, you can rely on the BLACKBOX Player.

With balanced analogue I/O, the BLACKBOX multi-track Player BBP1B is designed for use with mixing consoles that have balanced insert points or balanced group outputs.

The BlackBox Player is a powerful software upgrade for the BlackBox Recorder that enables automated, high-quality, multichannel audio playback (up to 24bit/96kHz) for live shows and themed entertainment, without requiring a computer.

Available for 24- and 64-channel BlackBox systems, Player functionality differs from standard BlackBox Recorder playback in that content for an entire show, exhibition or broadcast can be arranged into an easily editable playlist. Cues are preloaded for instant playback and, should the running order change, a playlist can be adjusted on the fly. It can also be looped to provide continuous playback.

Playback material can be created using any workstation that generates valid WAV or BWAV files. Mono, stereo and polywav files can be used. Audio is stored on an external USB2 hard drive or USB2 Flash drive. A simple file naming procedure ensures sample accurate synchronous playback of each audio file through its respective output. The show setlist is configured as a simple XML format playlist, with each song automatically pre-loading. Changes can also be made manually. Multiple playlists can be stored for different shows or performances.

The Player can be operated and controlled via footswitch, QWERTY keyboard, timecode, MIDI commands, or JoeCoRemote for iPad. Channels can be separately balanced, EQd and processed alongside other live audio to compensate for venue acoustics, or audience generated noise during performances. Foldback mixes incorporating Player audio can be created, and an additional mix also sent via the Player’s headphone output.

To synchronize audio with visual media, the Player can be configured to start in sync with incoming timecode and audio clock. All standard timecode frame rates are supported. Like all BlackBox systems the Player contains a number of built-in safety features; for example a pair of Balanced Players can be configured for automated fail-over, making sure that the show goes on regardless.

The BlackBox Player system includes full BlackBox Recorder functionality. A simple menu selection turns the system into either a Recorder or a Player as required. Player software is also available as a separate upgrade for existing BlackBox Recorder owners.

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