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24 in, 24 pre, 24 out.


Based on JoeCo’s award-winning BlackBox Recorder technology, the BlueBox Workstation Interface Recorder range is both a high quality multi-channel audio interface for a DAW and a stand-alone, live, multi-channel audio acquisition solution. The unit includes up to 24 high-quality microphone preamps, 24 line level outputs, 2 artist feeds for external headphones amps and 2 stereo headphone outputs all operating at up to 24bit/96kHz, with a full duplex interface to your DAW. There’s also a built in 24-channel recorder offering the standard BlackBox Recorder features, all integrated into the tiny 1U housing.

In a Live environment, the BlueBox can be used as a primary recorder, with all audio files being recorded to an external USB2/3 drive as Broadcast WAV files whilst the workstation interface can feed a laptop running DAW software as a backup if required. In a Studio, roles can be reversed, with the DAW as the primary recorder using with the BlueBox as the multi-channel audio interface doubling as a backup recorder capturing every take in case of computer crashes. Low latency direct monitoring is provided in the integrated mixer. The BlueBox features a range of connection options including individually switchable mic/line inputs, balanced outputs, artist and engineer’s headphone outputs, video sync*, timecode and word clock inputs. Microphones can either be connected to the unit via tails from the rear D-Sub connectors, or via an optional 2U breakout panel with XLR connectors. Local audio is recorded direct to external USB2/3 drive in Broadcast WAV format for instant ingest into your DAW when required.

The BlueBox will run off a 12V power source if required while unused channels and features can be disabled in order to preserve battery life on location. The unit is fully controllable from the JoeCoControl on-screen app which sits alongside your workstation interface or via JoeCoRemote for iPad. JoeCoControl includes the facility to set up individual mic pre channel parameters - level, mic/line, phantom power, hi-pass filter, soft limiter and phase reverse with levels shown on high-resolution meters. JoeCoControl also gives you expert control over your master and alternate monitor outputs, talkback control and full adjustment of four independent stereo headphone mixes including panning, volume adjustment, PFL, solo and, mute. The BlueBox’s compact dimensions, high-quality mic preamps and converters make it a practical, elegant solution for a range of studio applications, as well as for live engineers needing a portable multi-channel recording option giving unprecedented access to your workstation for external summing mixer or full mixing board and multichannel record and overdub on workstation.

Model BBWR24MP

Inputs: 24

Mic Preamps / line ins: 24 individually switchable

Balanced Outputs: 24

Headphone outputs: 2 stereo, 2 assignable output feeds

Video Sync: Yes

Timecode sync: Yes


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