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beyerdynamic DT 100 400 Ohm

beyerdynamic DT 100 400 Ohm

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Includes cable fitted.

beyerdynamic DT 100 400 Ohm

The worldwide standard closed headphone for monitoring, ENG/EFP and live-applications.

The DT 100 series is used throughout the world for audio recording and monitoring in studios, news gathering, film and TV production and live events. The headphones are exceptionally comfortable with a soft headband and ear pads. A high level of ambient noise attenuation is achieved with the closed design of the ear cups. Rugged construction ensures reliability for many years of use. All models are available in black or grey.

• Closed headphone

• Legendary, classic design

• Excellent ambient noise attenuation

• Capable of handling very high SPL

• Rugged, easy serviceable construction as all parts are replaceable

• Single-sided, detachable cable

§ Circumaural ear pads

§ Excellent comfort for long-term wearing

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