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Ferrofish B4000+

Ferrofish Ferrofish B4000+

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Authentic Organ Modeller.

Ferrofish B4000+

An Organ you Want to Touch

An organ expander module without controls to shape the sound would be like a guitar without a neck – it just doesn’t make sense.

This is why we added drawbars and potentiometers – to provide you with the tools you need to find, control and tweak your favorite sounds in a fast and simple way.

Authentic Hammond B3 Emulation

The B4000+ recreates the full sonic bandwidth of the Hammond B3 organ, including all of the functions and features that made the original so special – without the
weight of course!

Housed in a rugged metal enclosure, the B4000+ features dedicated FX, adjustable parameters for key-click, percussion and even the ageing
of the tone-wheels.

All of this makes the B4000+ an authentic Hammond emulation, with full-bodied bass, defined midrange, and highs with the necessary “scream” – just like a genuine electro-mechanic B3.

Plug and Play

The B4000+ features 128 factory-presets by default, which can be expanded by the user.

With just a simple MIDI keyboard (with a MIDI 5pin output) connected to the unit, along with the combination of drawbars, endless encoders and TFT display, the B4000+ will provide you with everything you need to start creating and playing your favorite organ sounds.

Just connect and enjoy!


  • 128 factory presets included
  • Three manuals with full polyphony
  • Envelope with attack and decay adjustable for every manual
  • Authentic sound thru physical circuit modelling
  • Tone-wheel Emulation with adjustable ageing parameter
  • Tube Amp Emulation with distortion
  • Emulation of key-click and the key contact delay
  • Percussion parameter with adjustable harmonics, attack and decay
  • Global Tuning
  • FX: Rotary speaker, Chorus/Vibrato, Reverb, Compressor
  • MIDI Key-split and Velocity
  • 2 x MIDI inputs for connecting two MIDI keyboards
  • Nine drawbars
  • Six endless potentiometers
  • Footswitch and pedal input
  • Stereo analog input (6.3mm TRS)
  • Stereo analog output (6.3mm TRS)
  • Headphone output
  • Hi-res TFT color Display
  • USB input for MIDI-over-USB
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