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Gallien Krueger MB 115-II

Gallien Krueger MB 115-II

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200 watts, 1 x 15" speaker.

Gallien Krueger MB 115-II

Ranging from 25 watts to 500 watts, the MB Series II combos have the power to be heard in any situation while remaining effortlessly portable. Quality plywood construction, digital power supplies and power amplifiers, high performance speakers designed and manufactured by GK in the U.S.A., custom high frequency tweeters and classic GK voicing make these combos ideally suited for weekend warriors and professionals alike. When extra output is needed, GK’s proprietary ‘Chain Out’ offers virtually unlimited expansion when paired with MBP Powered Enclosures.


Gallien Krueger RBH 115 8ohm 400W Bass Cab


RBH Series cabinets, introduced in 1998, were the first to be equipped with GK’s unique horn bi-amp system. This flexibility combined with the series’ extreme punch and clarity make them a favorite among professional players who require greater power and definition in their tone. Their unique shape allows the cabinets to be played upright, stacked or tilted back like floor monitors. All models feature heavy duty cast frame woofers, high quality horn, black carpet, recessed, spring loaded handles, rugged steel grill, custom interlocking corners and 11 ply poplar construction. The 410RBH and 115RBH include nickel plated removable casters.


• Special 15'' driver designed just for this cabinet, featuring an aluminium 3'' voice coil

• Bi-Amp system: allows compatible GK amplifiers to power the horn and woofer independently

• Patented 'Ying Yang' interlocking corner system for stacking speakers

• Rugged black carpet covering and steel grill, designed to withstand the rigours of the professional performing environment

• Internal bracing prevents sound leakage and tuned ports delivers optimum performance


o 4 Pole Twist Lock Cable Input for Bi-Amp Operation

o 2 Pole Twist Lock Cable Input For Full Range Operation

o 1/4'' Jack Input

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