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Gallien Krueger MB 212-II

Gallien Krueger MB 212-II

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500 watts, 2 x 12" speaker.

Gallien Krueger MB 212-II

Inherited from the 800RB, this unique design varies the EQ bandwidth to retain a musical response even at extreme settings.

Extremely lightweight switch mode power supply and power amp delivers 500W to the internal speakers. Special Neo drivers with 2.5 inch edge wound aluminum voice coils, designed just for this cabinet, manufactured in the GK USA factory. Plywood construction, aluminium chassis, switch mode power supply and power amp deliver 500W performance in a rugged 41lb package. Each speaker is isolated in it's own chamber eliminating tone robbing standing waves and sound leakage through the cabinet walls.


• Special lightweight Neodymium drivers made by GK with 2.5'' edge-wound aluminium voice coils

• Ultra-lightweight unit with aluminium chassis and switch mode power supply

• Ported, chambered and damped cabinet for optimum response and minimal standing waves or sound leakage

• XLR DI-out for direct connection to mixing desks/recording devices

• 4-band active EQ for with musical response from a Variable 'Q'


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