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Mackie ProFX4v2

Mackie ProFX4v2

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4 Channel Professional Effects Mixer.

Mackie ProFX4v2

The Mackie ProFX4v2 is a robust and versatile 4 channel mixer that features a range of innovative effects and connections to provide a comprehensive mixer console. With two powerful and transparent Vita microphone preamps, 16 built in digital effects, 5-band graphic master eq and 2-band channel eq per channel the ProFX4v2 delivers premium Mackie features in a compact and portable mixer unit.

Vita Preamps

Designed specifically for live sound, Vita preamps are virtually noiseless, featuring a discrete Class-A front end design, dual feedback stabilization and bias current optimization for unmatched low-noise performance.

ReadyFX Effects Engine

The all-new ReadyFX effects engine employs floating-point DSP, designed specifically for intensive processing of high-quality audio. This results in effects that are rich and always ready to elevate performance and inspire audiences.

Advanced Live Mixing Toolkit

Each ProFXv2 model is a well-stocked audio toolkit. From critical tools like multi-band graphic equalization to smart features like channel inserts and footswitchable FX mute, ProFXv2 always has the tools you need.

2-Band Equalization

The ProFX4v2 has 2-band equalization at carefully selected points which can be used to boosts or cut all frequencies past the specified frequency. The hi EQ provides up to 15 dB of boost or cut above 12kHz, and it is also flat (no boost or cut) at the detent. Use it to add sizzle to cymbals, an overall sense of transparency, or an edge to keyboards, vocals and guitar. Increase the cut to reduce sibilance from a microphone or to mask tape hiss. Additionally the low EQ provides up to 15 dB of boost or cut below 80 Hz. This frequency represents the punch in bass drums, bass guitar, fat synth patches and some baritone singers.


• 2 Extremely low-noise Mackie Vita mic preamps designed to add life to any input

• All-new ReadyFX effects engine with 16 great-sounding effects like reverbs, delays and choruses

• Directly connect guitar, bass and other instruments via Hi-Z input

• 100Hz Low-cut filter and 48V phantom power on all mic channels





Maximum Voltage Gain

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