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MicW E150 Microphone Set (Single

MicW E150 Microphone Set

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Condenser Stereo Mic Set.

MicW E150 Microphone Set

o E151-Cardioid

o E152-Hypercardioid

o E153-Omni

MicW E150 - New Technology, Natural Sound

With the E150 Series, MicW once again breaks new ground. For the first time, a micro-perforated stainless steel panel is used as a front grille - an incredible 2,300 holes with a diameter of just 0.25mm!

This unique design has a significant effect on the sound, with pops and sibilance greatly reduced without any negative impact on the overall quality.

This technology is very common in aerospace and industrial audio measurement. It enables every nuance of the signal is transmitted unaltered*. Recordings sound extremely natural and "rounded", with high resolution and transient response.

MicW E-Series Microphones

MicW's E-Series are a selection of entry-level microphones that share the company's design philosophy of producing transparent, accurate recordings.

This microphone range is derived from the N-Series, but uses a less expensive capsule. Nevertheless, the polymer gold-layered diaphragm captures every detail in the sound field. Offering amazing value for money, MicW E-Series are cost-effective microphones designed for sound engineers, recording musicians and hobbyists.

Matched Stereo Pair

The MicW E150 is available as a single microphone kit (including accessories), or as a matched pair. Each kit comes with a set of accessories consisting of a hard plastic storage case, foam wind screen(s), shockmount(s) and 3 switchable capsules, each with a different polar pattern.


Capsule diameter: 20mm

Polar Pattern: E151-Cardioid, E152-Hypercardioid, E153-Omni

Sensitivity(±3 dB): 42dB re.1v/Pa

Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz

Thermal noise: <17dBA

Total harmonic distortion(THD): <1% up to 135dB SPL peak

Power Source: 48V Phantom power

Output impedance: <100Ohm

Length: 155mm

Weight: 185g

Connector: 3-pin XLR

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