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MicW i437L Lightning Microphone

MicW i437L Lightning Microphone

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Recording Microphone for iPad, and iPhone.

MicW i437L Lightning Microphone

The MicW i437L is a light-weight omnidirectional microphone designed for use with all Apple iPhones and iPads that feature a lightning connection. Plug and play directly into your phone or tablet's lightning connection to instantly add higher quality recording capabilities to your device.

The i437L is a calibrated measurement microphone complying with the Class 2 (IEC 61672) sound level meter standard. The superior quality of the engineering involved in the manufacture of the i437L is instantly appreciated when you use it in conjunction with your measurement meter (iPhone or iPad).

The sensitivity and frequency response of each microphone is individually calibrated at the factory before shipping, with its own unique frequency plot included. This guarantees all readings are accurate for every unit. With the i437L and an appropriate Application (App), you can turn your iPhone or iPad into a sound pressure level (SPL) meter, a real time analyser (RTA) for time and frequency domain measurements, and of course a portable digital recorder.

The i437L is an omnidirectional, 7mm capsule, electret condenser microphone which houses outstanding performance in the smallest of packages. Tough and incredibly durable it can easily be stored in your pocket or on a key-ring. The i437L can be used to measure or record vocals, instruments and any live sound accurately without self-distortion and with an extremely flat response.

As the i437L has an omnidirectional polar pattern you can record a rehearsal or gig into a digital format that can be distributed easily amongst your peers or fans.

The Hi Fi enthusiast can use the i437L to accurately measure the frequency response of their speakers/room and reposition equipment or acoustic treatment appropriately to elicit the best response from the system in any listening environment.

The i437L is also used in the work place with the appropriate App. to precisely measure for excessive levels of background sound with regards to the 'Control of Noise at Work Regulations' of 2005.

If you require a device you can operate for simple no fuss interviews, ENG (Electronic News Gathering) the i437L is the perfect solution. The omnidirectional pattern and small size affords you the comfort of not having an obtrusive, large microphone to distract the interviewee. It can also be used for recording business meetings.


• Class 2, Individually Calibrated Measurement Mic

Suggested Applications

• In the workplace. i.e. measuring sound level in the workplace, record meetings, audio notes etc.

Suggested Compatible iOS Apps


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