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Radial BT-Pro - Bluetooth

Radial BT-Pro - Bluetooth

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Radial BT-Pro - Bluetooth

The BT-Pro™ is a stereo receiver designed to capture the wireless transmission from a Bluetooth enabled device and convert it to a balanced line to feed an audio playback system. The BT-Pro makes it easy to quickly connect to any smartphone, tablet, or mobile device for high quality audio playback through a sound system. It wirelessly pairs over Bluetooth, eliminating the need to search for adaptor cables and providing you with the freedom to move around while staying connected. Balanced XLR outputs are provided for connection to pro audio equipment, and on-board isolation transformers and ground lifts help eliminate buzz and hum from ground loops to ensure a clean, noise-free signal. A level control allows for easy volume adjustments, along with a headphone output for testing and troubleshooting.


• Bluetooth reception to 20 metres (60 feet!)

• Dual balanced XLR outputs to connect to PA system

• Built-in headphone amp for troubleshooting

• Isolation transformers to eliminate buzz and hum

• Latest Bluetooth wireless A2DP interface

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