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Radial Firefly

Radial Firefly

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Class-A, Tube DI w/ Drag Control.

Radial Firefly

The Firefly™ is a studio quality direct box that combines the clarity and detail of an active DI with a tube drive circuit that provides vintage warmth and pleasing harmonics to any instrument.

Potential Applications


• A/B trim controls for matching the gain between the two instruments

• Selectable active input for fast instrument changes with indication LED

• Variable low-cut filter for rolling off low-frequency resonance

• Drag control can be used to retain the natural feel of the instrument by adjusting the load for passive pickups

• Balanced output is transformer-isolated to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops

• I-Beam reinforced enclosure makes it impossible to torque the PCB and eliminates cold solder joints

• Military-spec PCB with full ground plane for noise-free performance, and double-sided for durability

• Locking 5-pin XLR power connection with +/-16V that is internally stepped up to 48V

• High-Z thru-put for a stage amp, configurable for pre or post-tube and insert

• Thru/Pre switch assigns the tube and effects insert loop to the stage amp thru output

• Buffered effects insert loop uses a TRS 1/4'' cable to interface pedal and rack effects

• Aux Isolate/Direct sets the 1/4'' aux out to direct or transformer-isolated to eliminate ground loop noise

• Optional rackmount kit can be obtained that allows one or two Fireflies to be rackmounted in a single 19'' space (rackmount kit not included, must be purchased separately)


o Drag On: Variable 22k - 500k?

o Drag Off: 3.9M?

Connectivity & Controls

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