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Radial J48

Radial J48

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Phantom Powered Active Direct Box.

Radial J48

The Radial J48 is a phantom powered active DI box designed from the ground up to deliver the most natural tone possible, retaining the true character of the instrument and transferring it to the mixing console without adding distortion.

The J48™ is an active direct box that has been optimized to handle extreme transients without distortion, with a linear frequency response that extends from 20Hz up to 40kHz.. Low distortion is achieved via a unique digital switching power supply, raising the internal operating rail voltage for added headroom and improved signal handling. The J48 delivers an ideal even-order harmonic cascade with an exceptional sonic performance.

Suitable for both studio and touring applications the J48 features a -15dB input pad to reduce extra loud signals, 180º polarity reverse for feedback control on stage and a ground lift to help reduce hum & buzz caused by ground loops. There are many special features available that include a merge function that smoothly mixes left-right signals to mono without phase cancellation. To minimize resonant feedback with acoustic instruments, the J48 is also equipped with an 80Hz high-pass filter (low-cut).

With an innovative book-end design to protect switches and connectors from abuse the J48 features I-beam construction to eliminate stress on the internal components. A no-slip pad covering the entire base of the box provides mechanical and electrical isolation while providing plenty of 'stay-put' for rockin' stages.

The Radial J48 active DI box offersflexibility and dependency which find it suitable for both touring and studio applications

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