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Radial JPC - Computer

Radial JPC - Computer

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Direct Box.

Radial JPC - Computer

The Radial JPC Computer Direct Box is designed to ensure exceptional sonic performance while make connection with your PC. The JPC eliminates any buzz and hum commonly that frequently appears when interfacing with computers. Its wide range of connectivity options including RCA and 1/4'' sockets allow for simple interfacing with samplers, drum machines, keyboards, media players and more. A switchable -10dB pad enables you to quickly reduce input levels to avoid distortion overload, whilst active buffers combined with transformer isolation create a highly-quality 'hybrid' circuit design. The JPC's 14-gauge steel I-beam chassis and outer shell ensure exceptional protection for the internal components. Some of the potential applications this product can be used for are listed below

Potential Applications

Core Features

Intuitive stereo interface designed for use with computers

• Active buffers balance the two channels whilst blocking capacitors prevent AC from making its way back into the source

• Transformers with 100 percent isolated inputs ensure optimal signal path with exceptional sonic performance

• Glass-filled nylon XLR connectors with extra-large nickel-silver pin contacts

• Extra durable switches with metal outer casings rated at over 20,000 cycles

• Double-sided military-spec PCB provides greater durability whilst the full ground plane reduces radio frequency interference

• 14-gauge steel I-beam chassis and outer shell prevent outside stress from torquing the PCB

• Book-end design creates a protective zone around the sockets and switches

• Rubber no-slip pad provides electrical and mechanical isolation.


Connectivity & Controls

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