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Radial JX44

Radial JX44

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Air Control™ Guitar Signal Manager.

Radial JX44

You're about to start the next song in your set. You need to switch out your guitar, your amp, and your effects, but there simply isn't enough time! The Radial JX44 does away with all of that stress, giving you the time and freedom to make rapid changes on stage and in the studio without all the hassle of constant gear shuffling.

This powerful signal management tool boasts incredible sonic performance and intuitive operation, letting you quickly toggle between four of your instruments and six of your amplifiers with ease. Built-in tools such as an SGI line driver, a Radial DI, and an X-Amp Reamp interface allow you to get the best out of your tone and routing requirements. Switching can be operated using Radial's JR5 footswitches (not included) for complete control no matter where you are on stage, whilst front panel indicators give you quick and easy system checks at a glance.

Perfect for live-performances and studio-recording, the JX44 is an essential tool for professional touring and guitar signal management.

Powerful Signal Management On Stage and in the Studio

Do you have an army of instrumentation and amplification when you're performing in stage or in the studio? It can often be a bit of a hassle trying to manage it all, but that's where the JX44 comes in...

Designed to be the centre of command for your guitar signals, the JX44 allows you to switch between amplifiers and instruments, drive a distant effects loop, and even run a DI out to your console, PA, or recording system. Rapidly select between 4 different instruments or 6 different amplifiers at any time whilst taking advantage of a selection of intelligent tools and controls.

One such tool is the JX44's built-in DI box - perfect tool for both studio and live use. Simply record a clean track, then send it back through to the JX44's built in reamping interface to feed up to 6 amplifiers at the same time. You can add pedals, move microphones around, or keep things simple, giving you the ultimate in flexibility for building the sound you desire. This powerful yellow box takes limitations and does away with them, giving you the freedom to manage your guitar signals, amplifiers and effects with ease whilst retaining incredible sonic performance. Features

• Guitar signal manager and switcher designed for the most demanding professional concert stages

• Perfect for use where wireless guitar systems, acoustics, effects, and multiple amplifiers are used simultaneously

• Allows you to select between up 4 guitars and 6 amplifiers quickly and easily

• Can be programmed using a Radial JR5 footswitch (JR5 not included, must be purchased separately)

• Transformer-isolated design eliminates the hum and buzz associated with ground loops

• Local effects loop that can be used to connect rackmount signal processors

• Built-in SGI Line Driver for feeding distant pedalboards with ease when used with an external SGI-44 Remote Guitar Interface (SGI-44 not included, must be purchased separately)

• Assignable direct box output for high-performance DI applications

• X-Amp Reamper built into the JX44 enables you to easily reamp balanced line-level signals

• Front panel status indicators provide you with simple visual system checking at a glance

• 'Panic' button is an emergency bypass switch with an LED indicator to override other controls whilst defaulting input-A to output-1

• Front and rear jacks (front jacks take priority over rear) with DRAG load correction controls

• DRAG enables you to retain the feel of your instrument by correcting the load that passive pickups see

• Rear input jacks with trim controls for balancing instrument levels

• Polarity reversal switch to phase-correct amplifiers and effects pedals

• Buffered rear-panel outputs for an electronic footswitch and a simple footswitch mute

• Legendary Radial construction ensures incredible durability and reliable operation


o 1/4'' Unbalanced: 3k Ohms

o XLR Balanced: 150 Ohms

o 1/4''


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