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Radial Key-Largo - Keyboard

Radial Key-Largo - Keyboard

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Mixer and Performance Pedal.

Radial Key-Largo - Keyboard

The Key-Largo is a unique and powerful device that combines a multi-channel keyboard mixer with a USB audio interface, while providing the ability to control elements of the performance with footswitch control.

Potential Applications


• Digital USB connection for controlling a digital software synthesizer

• Military-spec PCB with full ground plane for noise-free performance

• Robust potentiometers with steel casings, shafts, and retention nuts that will not bend when under stress

• 100 percent discrete Class-A circuitry ensures minimal negative feedback whilst providing an organic and natural tone

• Custom 1:1 isolation transformers for distortion-free signal transfer

• Effects loop with independent effects send controls for each channel, and a master effects return control

• Can be configured for use as a live performance pedal, or for use as a recording interface

• 14-gauge steel I-Beam construction prevents PCB-torquing which could lead to part failure


o 3 x Stereo analog inputs

o 1 x Stereo USB input

o 2 x Stereo analog outputs

o Analog Inputs: 20k Ohms

o FX Return: 50k Ohms

o Volume Return: 485k Ohms

o XLR: 300 Ohms

o 1/4'': 450 Ohms

o FX Send: 1k Ohms

o Volume Send: 300 Ohms

o Input level CH 1-3

o USB input level

o EFX send/receive

o Main/monitor output level

o Momentary sustain

o Effects on/off

o Effects mono/stereo

o Ground lift

o Sustain closed/open

o USB assign

o Length: 213mm / 8.4''

o Width: 127mm / 5''

o Height: 48mm / 1.9''

Connectivity & Controls

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