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Radial ProAV1

Radial ProAV1

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Passive Mono.

Radial ProAV1

The Radial ProAV1 Multimedia Passive DI Box is suitable for a wide range of applications due to it’s includes a huge amount of connectivity.. It includes a female XLR input for pro-audio equipment, 1/4'' inputs for instruments, RCA and 3.5mm connectors for consumer AV devices. The device utilises custom-wound Eclipse ET-DB2 transformers that can withstand ultra-hot signal levels whilst maintaining linearity from 20Hz up to 20kHz. The transformer-isolation design of the ProAV1 eliminates hum and buzz often caused by ground loops and DC offset issues, resulting in exceptionally quiet operation with most sound sources. The ProAV1 is the perfect addition to any engineer's toolkit.

Potential Applications


• -15dB pad reduces input level from high-output devices such as CD players and headphone outputs

• RCA -10dB input allows stereo use with CD players, tape decks, VCRs etc.

• 3.5mm TRS -10dB stereo input for connecting to PC sound cards and headphone jacks

• Balanced 600 Ohm mic-level XLR output for feeding mixers or microphone preamps

• Ground lift switch that disconnects the ground path at the XLR output

• Book-end design ensures exceptional protection for the jacks and switches on your DI box

• +4dB XLR line input for connection pro-audio sources, featuring a side-mounted defeat switch

• No-slip pad provides mechanical isolation and prevents the box from sliding around

• I-beam enclosure crafted from robust 14-gauge steel or events torqueing the PC board and eliminates cold solder joints

• Glass-filled nylon XLR connector with extra large nickel-silver pin contacts

• Eclipse transformers ensure distortion-free signal transfer, as well as 100% isolation from ground loop hum

• Extra durable switches with metal outer casings are rated at over 20,000 cycles

• Double-sided military-spec circuit board for exceptional durability and with full ground plane to reduce radio frequency interference


o In & Thru:

§ 1/4''


§ 3.5mm

o In: XLR-F

o Out: XLR-M

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