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Radial ProD2

Radial ProD2

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Stereo Direct.

Radial ProD2

The Radial ProD2 is a passive stereo direct (DI) box developed to address the needs and challenges of interfacing a stereo keyboard to a professional audio system. This passive DI features two independent channels with separate inputs and thru-puts on the artists on stage amp and two fully isolated outputs for the PA system.

At the heart of the Radial ProD2 stereo DI box is a design featuring two high performance Eclipse ET-DB2 transformers. These deliver a frequency performance of 20Hz to 20kHz and are able to withstand tremendous signal levels without distortion. Unlike an active circuit that can overload when the signal exceeds the rail voltage, transformer based DI boxes saturate. This creates a pleasing effect, naturally rounding out the tone and acting like a subtle limiter-particularly beneficial when working with digital pianos, samplers and drum machines that can produce excessive dynamics.

The ProD2 is designed and built to handle the rigors of professional touring. A 14-gauge steel ultra rigid i-beam frame eliminates stress on internal circuitry, with an innovative book-end design creating a protective zone around the connectors and switches. A full bottom no-slip pad adds mechanical isolation and electrical insulation to further reduce the opportunity for noise.

With a warm sound,legendary build quality and compact design, the Radial ProD2 is an fantastic choice for studio recording or hitting the road.


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