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Radial SW4

Radial SW4

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4 CH Audio Switcher.

Radial SW4

The Radial SW4 is the perfect tool for quick noiseless switching between two balanced signals with intuitive front panel controls. Each of the four channels features XLR inputs and transformer-isolated outputs, eliminating the detrimental hum and buzz from ground loops. Adjacent channels can be linked together for stereo, 3-way, or even 4-way switching, and multiple SW4s can be used together for even larger systems. Two dedicated 1/4'' outputs and a top-mounted mono switch allows you to quickly and easily convert the SW4 for use with guitars. The unit's outputs can handle signals up to +20dB at all frequencies without distortion, making it perfect for use with high-output sources and systems. PFL switches and a built-in high-performance headphone amplifier allow you to monitor any channel at any time, ensuring consistent seamless playback. For a powerful, flexible, and intelligent switching solution for live-performance and concert applications, the SW4 is the ultimate choice.

Scenarios and Applications

Noiseless Switching for Live Performance

With the ability to connect and switch between a multitude of sources, from wireless systems to stereo sound sources and consoles, the SW4 is a powerful device with superior operational flexibility. Each of the unit's four channels is equipped with XLR inputs and transformer-isolated outputs, eliminating the hum and buzz from ground loops. Each channel is able to accept two balanced signals, allowing you to toggle between them using a front panel switch or a remote control such as the Radial JR2 (not included). Trim controls allow you to make sure that both of your sources are perfectly matched and supported whilst LED indicators to display when a signal is present.

Adjacent channels can be linked together, opening up the possibility of stereo, three-way, or even four-channel switching with the capability to expand even more when using multiple SW4s together. Each output is capable of handling signals up to +20dB at all frequencies without distortion, enabling seamless operation with high-output devices and systems. The SW4 is even equipped with a built-in headphone amplifier, allowing you to listen to the active input, standby input, or the built-in stereo bus using the 3-position PFL switches on each channel.


• Four-channel balanced audio switcher designed to connect to multiple mixing consoles or wireless systems

• Provides significantly greater operational flexibility or backup capabilities in a live-performance or concert setting

• Each of the four channels is equipped with XLR inputs and transformer-isolated outputs to eliminate hum and buzz from ground loops

• Each channel can be linked together to switch simultaneously

• Channel-1 features an A+B mix function that sums both inputs together

• PFL switches and headphone outputs allow a technician to monitor any channel to ensure seamless playback

• Dedicated activation/mute switch for each channel with an LED indicator that illuminates when the channel is 'on'

• Recessed Bus send switch for sending the output of the channel to the master bus

• Separate recessed trim controls for matching the signal coming into the A and B inputs

• Signal Presence LEDs provide visual feedback to let you know when the signal is being received by the SW4

• Single-switch muting and activation of the master bus outputs

• Headphone output with adjustable level that can be set to stereo or mono depending on your application

• Remote footswitch inputs for a JR2 or JR2 DT (neither are included, must be purchased separately)

• Footswitch can be used for selecting between A and B inputs on channel-1 and linked channels as well as muting all outputs except the front-panel headphone and tuner (monitor) outputs

• Legendary Radial construction ensures incredible durability and reliable operation


o -0.26dB with 10k Ohm load

o -2.3dB with 600 Ohm load (Channel to Channel gain)

o +8dB with 10k Ohm load (Channel to Bus gain)

o Channel: 160 Ohms

o Bus: 500 Ohms

o Channel to Channel: +26dBu

o Channel to Bus: +17dBu

o XLR male

o 1/4'' guitar

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