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Radial SW8 - Auto Switcher

Radial SW8 - Auto Switcher

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Auto Switcher.

Radial SW8 - Auto Switcher

The Radial SW8™ is an 8-channel auto-switcher that allows you to set up a redundant backup system by automatically switching between two multi-channel playback systems.

Scenarios and Applications


• 8-channel auto-switcher that allows you to set up a redundant backup system

• Works by automatically switching between two multi-channel playback systems

• Designed primarily for live concerts and stage shows where backing tracks are used

• Employs an adjustable gate to detect a machine malfunction and automatically switch to a second backup machine to deliver a seamless performance

• Monitors and continuous audio signal such as SMPTE on the main playback system, and sohuld the signal drop, it will auto-switch to the backup

• Switching can be carried out manually on the front panel, or using a Radial JR2 footswitch (not included, must be purchased separately)

• For larger systems beyond 8 channels, multiple SW8s can be linked together

• Global pad attenuates the signal going to the XLR direct box outputs by -20dB to prevent transformer saturation

• Set the gate input sensitivity on the front panel to determine when the SW8 should auto-switch

• Mute switch turns off the XLR outputs, leaving the balanced D-Sub output on for local monitoring

• Standby switch allows you to hold the auto-switching on inputs-A so that the SW8 won't switch to inputs-B whilst waiting for a drone signal

• Alarm LED on the front panel illuminates when the tone signal falls below the set threshold level

• Ground lift switch disconnects pin-1 on the XLR output to reduce noise caused by ground loops

• Two sets of eight balanced or unbalanced line-level inputs for the primary and backup systems (A and B)

• Balanced line-level D-Sub output is used to send the active input set (A or B) to the PA or local monitoring system

• Balanced line-level A and B D-Sub inputs are used for connecting two multi-track playback units to the SW8

• Filter that lets you use a binary signal such as SMPTE as a drone track by smoothing out the signal

• Internal relay that can turn on a siren or beacon when the drone signal drops below the set threshold

• Legendary Radial construction ensures incredible durability and reliable operation


o 1/4'' TRS

o D-Sub


o D-Sub

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