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Radial Workhorse KOMIT 500

Radial Workhorse KOMIT 500

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Komit 500 Compressor.

Radial Workhorse KOMIT 500

The Komit is a streamlined dynamics processor that that combines a super-clean compressor circuit with an old school diode-bridge clipping limiter, for creative tone shaping with maximum flexibility.

Potential Applications


• Minimalistic design with incredible flexibility thanks to an array of automatic functions

• Auto-detecting feed-forward VCA reads incoming program material and reacts 'real-time' to the time constant

• Diode bridge circuitry clips the input signal when it exceeds the headroom

• Full-size discrete electronics with added warmth from the vintage-style Hammond broadcast transformers

• Level control can also be used to drive the Clipper™ for added distortion

• Dual ballistic VU metering provides simultaneous visual feedback regarding compression and output

• Omniport assigned as a key input for frequency dependent compression, de-essing, ducking, and more (only available when used with the Radial Workhorse)

• Military-grade 12-position Grayhill switch with gold contacts and a steel shaft

• Double-layer steel front panel reduces stress on the PCB and adds rigidity to the device

• Dual potentiometers with doubled-up solder points, steel castings, steel shafts, and steel retention nuts

• Military-spec double-sided PCB with full ground plane to ensure the lowest noise performance

• Double-sided gold-plated 15-pin card edge design ensures positive connection to the receptacle for improved mating

• Hammond input transformer delivers the true warmth of analogue circuitry to produce vintage tone without noise

• Hammond output transformer provides isolation whilst adding the sonic character of old-school broadcast circuitry


o Normal: 1:1 to 10:1

o Brickwall: 1:1 to 25:1

Controls & Connectivity

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