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Radial Workhorse PreComp

Radial Workhorse PreComp

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Precomp 500 Series.

Radial Workhorse PreComp

The Radial Workhorse PreComp is a combined microphone preamplifier and an ultra high-performance compressor in a 500 Series modular format. The preamp incorporates Radial's unique AccuState design, ensuring that the user enjoys low-noise operation by optimizing signal-to-noise at all levels. The preamp offers over 60dB of gain and is perfectly equipped to handle all types of microphones with an inbuilt 48V phantom power switch for active DI boxes and condenser mics. The PreComp's VCA compressor utilises an advanced compression algorithm that automatically transitions from soft-knee to hard-knee compression as the signal rises above the threshold. The compressor is equipped with adjustable controls for the threshold, ratio (from 1:1 up to 10:1), and make-up gain, whilst a slow-fast switch allows you to easily set the PreComp up for vocals or percussion. Designed to deliver tremendous performance in a wide range of applications, the Radial PreComp is a superb addition to any 500 Series modular rig.

Potential Applications


• Preamp stage can deliver in excess of 60dB to handle all types of microphones

• Functions as both a microphone preamplifier and a compressor in a single 500 Series module

• Fully-featured VCA compressor with adjustable threshold, ratio, and make-up gain controls

• Advanced compression algorithm reads the program material and automatically transitions from soft-knee to hard-knee

• Simple slow-fast switch that allows easy optimization of the PreComp for either vocals or percussion


Controls & Connectivity

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