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Radial Workhorse PreMax

Radial Workhorse PreMax

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Premax Preamp 500 Series.

Radial Workhorse PreMax

The Radial Workhorse PreMax Channel Strip combines an ultra low-noise mic preamp with an incredibly musical-sounding 3-band EQ in a single 500 Series module. Radial's unique AccuState gain control technology in the preamp section is designed to set the input sensitivity whilst optimizing the S/N at all levels, resulting in outstanding sound quality in an instant. The PreMax's EQ consists of high, mid, and low shelving controls, each with a +/-12dB range. The EQ allows you to be creative or corrective, providing you with a versatile platform for tone-shaping. The module also features a gentle high-pass filter with a 100Hz cutoff for controlling low-frequency resonance, as well as a 180° polarity reverse switch for phase-alignment or interfacing with vintage gear that doesn't follow the AES pin-2 hot convention. Providing you with an all-in-one channel strip that delivers exceptional sound combined with intuitive operation, the Radial Workhorse PreMax is an ideal choice for any 500 Series modular setup.


• All-in-one channel strip with a low-noise mic preamp and a state-of-the-art 3-band EQ in a single 500 Series module

• Exceptionally clean results each and every time it is used

• High-performance Op-Amp combined with Radial's unique AccuState™ gain control

• AccuState™ simultaneously sets the input sensitivity and signal gain to deliver outstanding S/N at all levels

• Signal and Overload LEDs provide accurate visual monitoring

• Traditional 3-band EQ provides a platform for precise and musical tone-shaping

• Front panel switch allows you to bypass the EQ to compare the pre-post effect

• High-pass filter enables you to eliminate low-end resonance

• 180° polarity reverse for aligning a stereo microphone setup, or for interfacing with vintage equipment that may not follow the AES Pin-2 hot convention

• Recessed 48V phantom power switch prevents accidental power on/off

• Omniport jack allows for the connection of instruments when used with a Radial Workhorse power rack

• When the Omniport jack is not connected, the front panel Mic/Inst switch (normally used for switching the active input between XLR and Omniport 1/4'') acts as a microphone mute

• Integrated design eliminates the concern of matching levels between modules

• Perfect channel strip for project studios, post production, broadcasts, and live recording

• Application-specific integrated circuit with ultra-condensed surface-mount technology fits high-performance solid state electronics into the 500 Series format

• Dual potentiometers with doubled up solder points, steel casings, steel shafts, and steel retention nuts

• Double-layer steel front panel adds rigidity to reduce stress on the PCB

• Road-proven Radial push switches with extra-durable metal outer casings, rated at over 20,000 cycles

• Military-spec circuit board with double-sided design and full ground plane - lowest noise with maximum durability

• Gold-plated double-sided 15-pin card edge design ensures a positive connection to the receptacle for improved mating


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