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Radial Workhorse Shuttle

Radial Workhorse Shuttle

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Shuttle 500 Insert Module.

Radial Workhorse Shuttle

The Radial Workhorse Shuttle is an effects insert and routing module that designed to be used with Workhorse 500 series racks. It has two line-level loops, one at +4db and one at -10dB with 1/4'' connectors which can be used with a wide range of audio processors, Hi-Z effects pedals and other unbalanced audio equipment. An additional effects loop is available when using the rear Omniport connector on a Workhorse 500 series rack. Each loop can be turned on and off via the front panel push buttons, giving you the ability to compare the wet and dry signals. You can also create two individual effects loops and route them to different modules within the rack.


• Insert switch bypasses the balanced loop to compare pre and post signals

• Line-level +4dB loop with 1/4'' TRS send and receiver connectors

• Omniport 1/4'' TRS insert available when used with Radial Workhorse rack

• Gold-plated 15-pin card edge with a double-sided design ensures a positive connection to the receptacle for improved mating

• Line-level -10dB loop connects to Hi-Z effects pedals and unbalanced devices

• Military-spec circuit board with double-sided design and a full ground plane that assures the lowest possible noise

• Full-size through-hole 100 percent discrete electronics for optimal signal transfer

• Designed to work with the Radial Workhorse 500 Series rack as well as other 500 Series racks


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