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Radial Workhorse Space

Radial Workhorse Space

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Spaceheater 500.

Radial Workhorse Space

The Radial Workhorse™ is a modular 500-series rack that combines an extensive patching system with an analog summing mixer to create an incredibly flexible studio environment.



Radial Workhorse Q3

The Q3™ is a spectacular sounding induction coil EQ designed to accentuate the character of any voice or instrument, with unique EQ presets that can be used in thousands of different combinations.


• Independent Shift switches for adjusting the amplitude of the preset curve

• Switchable HPF helps to reduce excessive lows and reduce resonant feedback

• Gold-plated 15-pin card edge with a double-sided design ensures a positive connection to the receptacle for improved mating

• Military-spec circuit board with double-sided design and a full ground plane that assures the lowest possible noise

• Full-size through-hole 100 percent discrete electronics for optimal signal transfer

• Designed to work with the Radial Workhorse 500 Series rack as well as other 500 Series racks


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