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Radial Workhorse Tank Driver

Radial Workhorse Tank Driver

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Tank Driver 500 Revrb I/O.

Radial Workhorse Tank Driver

The Tank Driver™ is a unique 500 series modules that allows you to drive balanced line level signals through guitar amp reverb tanks, optimized to work with both modern and vintage spring reverb models.

Potential Applications


• 500 Series module that enables you to drive a balanced line-level signal through a guitar amplifier reverb tank

• Transformer-coupled output driver with normal and high settings for new and old spring reverbs alike

• Works with all spring reverb tanks with an input impedance of 600 Ohms of greater (lower impedance will result in a signal that is far too low to be usable)

• Full-size through-hole 100 percent discrete electronics for optimal signal transfer

• Road-proven Radial push switches with extra-durable metal outer casings, rated at over 20,000 cycles

• Potentiometers feature steel casings, steel shafts, and steel retention nuts

• Transformer-isolated design eliminates hum and buzz caused by ground loops

• Gold-plated 15-pin card edge with a double-sided design ensures a positive connection to the receptacle for improved mating

• Military-spec circuit board with double-sided design and a full ground plane that assures the lowest possible noise


o Front Panel Receive Input: 10K Ohms unbalanced

o Rear Panel XLR Input: 15K Ohms balanced

Controls & Connectivity

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