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Radial Workhorse TossOver

Radial Workhorse TossOver

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Tossover 500 Series.

Radial Workhorse TossOver

The Tossover is a unique 500 series module that pairs with any Radial power rack and enables you to frequency-divide the audio signal path into two stems to process the high and low frequencies separately.

Potential Applications

The Tossover's high-pass filter can be used to select the high end of vocals and process it with a variety of effects such as the Radial ToneBone Classic distortion.

When installed within a Workhorse 500 series power rack, along other Radial 500 series modules, the Tossover allows you to split the signal so that you can process the highs and lows individually. Add EQs and compression to the low frequencies and flange to the highs.

The Tossover enables you to create elaborate signal chains and unique effects. Split the signal into two frequencies, process the low frequencies with a slow flanger and the highs with a chorus pedal.


• Omniport output splits the signal - low pass through XLR and high pass through 1/4'' TRS

• Gold-plated 15-pin card edge with a double-sided design ensures a positive connection to the receptacle for improved mating

• Military-spec circuit board with double-sided design and a full ground plane that assures the lowest possible noise

• Full-size through-hole 100 percent discrete electronics for optimal signal transfer

• Designed to work with the Radial Workhorse 500 Series rack as well as other 500 Series racks


o 12dB/Octave

o 18dB/Octave

o 24dB/Octave

o Low Pass: 85Hz - 4000Hz

o High Pass: 130Hz - 5000Hz

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