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ROLI Lightpad Block

ROLI Lightpad Block

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An incredibly powerful and versatile musical surface.

Lightpad Block

Lightpad Block

The Lightpad Block is an affordable 5D MIDI controller and the centrepiece of ROLI BLOCKS, the modular music studio. On the Block’s pliable, pressure-sensitive surface you shape sound through gliding, pressing, lifting and other intuitive gestures. The surface is a glowing grid of squares that guides you to make beats and shape melodies.

Customize your kit through the addition of the Live Block, which helps you perform in real time, or the Loop Block, which helps you produce in real time.

The Lightpad Block is powered by NOISE, a free iOS app that doubles as a high-powered soft synth. NOISE connects to the Lightpad Block wirelessly via MIDI over Bluetooth.

This new generation of expressive pad controller is groundbreaking in its portability, affordability, and versatility to making any kind of sound. And the possibilities only begin with this Block, which can be connected to others in a modular, customizable system.

Recommended for:

Aspiring, proficient, and professional musicians who want a versatile 5D MIDI controller that they can take anywhere.

What’s in the Box:

ROLI Lightpad Block
USB-C cable
Quick start guide

Key Features

  • Integrates with popular DAWs and plug-ins including Logic, Ableton Live, Cubase, and Omnisphere via the included BLOCKS Dashboard.
  • Bundled with over 200 preset sounds, and options to download more sound through in-app purchases of NOISE Soundpacks including ones from acclaimed musicians like Steve Aoki and RZA.
  • Powered by the free iOS app NOISE
  • Play wirelessly wherever you are using Bluetooth, Lightpad Block and an iPhone or iPad
  • NOISE app lets you choose sounds, add effects, record loops, and launch loops to make a track
  • Intuitive controls for changing scales, playing chords and arpeggios, setting tempo, quantizing, and recording and undoing.
  • In Learn Mode, follow Lightpad Block’s unique Light Trails to learn musical gestures for shaping sounds on the new interface
  • Convenient handheld design with a 9.5-centimetre square surface fits neatly in a pocket
  • DNA connectors allow magnetic connection between Lightpad Block and other Blocks in the ROLI BLOCKS system
  • Charges through cable to USB-C port and through connection to other Blocks
  • Specifications


  • USB: USB-C port (MIDI out and power)
  • MIDI: Full MIDI compatibility over USB and Bluetooth LE
  • Other: 8 BLOCKS DNA connectors
  • Buttons

  • All Buttons: Mode, Power & Bluetooth
  • Battery & Bluetooth

  • Battery Life: 4 Hour battery life
  • Charging Time: 2 hours for full charge
  • Bluetooth Range: 15 metre Bluetooth range
  • Bluetooth Latency: 30 ms touch to sound Bluetooth latency
  • Pad

  • Construction: Silicone with a durable, smooth urethane coating
  • 225 LEDs on surface
  • Physical

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 94mm x 20mm x 94mm
  • Weight: 250g
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