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Studiologic SL 88 GRAND

Studiologic SL 88 GRAND

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88 Keys, TP/9 PIANO semi-weighted Action.


The Power of Simplicity.

The SL88 Grand is nothing less than the reinvention of the high-end keyboard controller.

True innovation .

More than 30 years’ experience in exclusive keybeds meets an all-new, powerful, operating system. Perfect for you to control your hardware and virtual instruments. All provided in a powerful new refreshing way. Working together with musicians we have created a user interface which is perfect for quick navigation and setup, but also gives you excellent in-depth control. The SL88 Grand is ready to be at the very heart of your system.

A Great Keyboard for a Grand Touch .

The SL88 Grand uses the best-graded hammer action keybed with Ivory Touch and wooden keys, to give you the natural feel of a well balanced grand piano. Each of the keys provides 3 contacts for superior performance. The results of this combination are simply amazing. From the slightest pianissimo up to the strongest fortissimo, the keys translate every nuance of your performance in an inspiring and truly superb way.

Form follows perfomance .

With its compact profile, the SL88 Grand is an extremely portable professional controller. Even with its high-end graded hammer action / wooden keyboard, it weighs less than 21 kilograms. The SL88 Grand is studio and stage ready with a rugged full metal casing. Sculptured endcaps made of a highly resistant synthetic material help to shield the premium TP40 wood keybed perfectly and provide a safe grip when handling and transporting.

Master Keyboard
88 Keys
Weighted hammer action keyboard TP40Wood with Aftertouch
Keys with wooden core and Ivory Touch key surface
New 6-way joystick control
3 Function buttons
4 Programmable zones
4 Programmable pedal connectors
3 Joystick controllers
TFT colour display: 320 x 240 px
Editable and programmable software
New programmable Key-Balance function
6 Editable velocity curves
Magnetic rail system for holding sheet music and laptop (holders not included)
Dimensions (L x W x H): 1260 x 310 x 110 mm
Weight: 20.8 kg
Including power adaptor (9 V DC, 1 A) and VFP1/10 sustain pedal
Further information
Hammer Action Keys
Split Zones
Layer function
Pitch Bend / Modulation
Rotary Encoder
Fader (Amount)
MIDI interface
2x Out
Sustain Pedal Connection
Mains Operation

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