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Studiologic Sledge 2.0

Studiologic Sledge 2.0

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The classic Studiologic yellow synth, Waldorf synth engine, full control panel - Analog Modelling and digital tones.

Sledge 2.0

Sledge 2.0 is a 16 voice, 61 Key Virtual Analog Synth with 299 presets.

It introduces new features and sound innovations that set the instrument above any competitor, thanks to a mix of pure synthesis and sound sampling.

In addition to the incredible sound engine and the user-friendly vintage style control panel, the new features further expand the synthesizer's power and versatility.

With Sledge, you can combine and play two sounds at the same time, in Split or Layer mode.
Every sound combination can be stored in any of the 999 available presets.

Sound samples and new waves can be loaded in the internal memory, played by OSC 1 and modifiable by all parameters of the control panel, adding other oscillators, setting filters, envelopes and effects.


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