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Studiologic SLP3-D

Studiologic SLP3-D

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Piano Style Triple Sustain Pedal.


The Studiologic SLP3-D Triple Pedal features 2 switch controls (left and center pedals) and 1 continuous control (right pedal) connected only with one standard stereo jack and a single cable. The simplified connection avoids the need for multiple cables or plugs, and the 3 pedals are perfect controllers for pianists and keyboardists who are looking for a reliable and total musical expression. A typical application of this special SLP3-D multi-pedal could be to control the "Soft" function (Una corda) with the left pedal, the "Sostenuto" function with the middle pedal and the "Half Damper" function (Half Pedaling) with the right pedal. Studiologic is synonymous with high quality MIDI controllers and ground breaking digital pianos, organs, and pedals.
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