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Tonebone Bassbone OD

Tonebone Bassbone OD

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Two channel Bass preamp.

Tonebone Bassbone OD

Two Channel Bass Preamp and Overdrive Pedal

The Bassbone OD™ is a bass preamp that features two fully equipped input channels, with separate level and EQ controls and a shared overdrive that can be engaged by a footswitch.

• Toggle between any two basses with ease

• Individual EQ controls for each input

• Headphone output for silent practice

• PZB booster and piezo input for upright bass

• Built-in Radial DI with balanced output for the PA

Dual full-featured bass channels

The Bassbone OD allows you to connect two bass guitars and sculpt the tone of each one individually, as each input has its own level and EQ controls. The EQ settings have been specifically tailored for use with basses, and include a high pass filter to roll off excessive low end, along with a selectable center frequency for the Mid EQ boost/cut. Input A features a PZB booster designed for use with upright basses that employ a piezo transducer, while Input B includes a Drag Control impedance correction circuit that adjusts the load presented to magnetic pickups for a more natural tone. Following the input and EQ section, the Bassbone OD allows both instruments to share your effects pedals with an EFX Loop, which then feeds a powerful on-board overdrive.

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