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Tonebone Bumper

Tonebone Bumper

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Footswitch Instrument selector.

Tonebone Bumper

The Bumper™ routes four instrument inputs to a single 1/4? output to feed a stage amp or pedalboard, with a footswitch selector that rotates through each of the inputs.

Instant switching without swapping cables

With the Bumper, multi-instrumentalists can have all of their instruments wired up at the same time, without needing to plug and unplug cables when switching between them. This also eliminates any popping from the amp which can disrupt the performance. With a press of the footswitch, the Bumper advances to the next instrument instantly and without noise, so all you have to do is pick up your guitar and play. Switchable Trim/Drag controls allow you to balance signal levels and optimize the impedance for magnetic pickups, to deliver a seamless performance on stage.


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