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Tonebone Elevator

Tonebone Elevator

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Multi level power booster and buffer.

Tonebone Elevator

The Elevator™ is a unique boost pedal with a high level of customization to match your playing style with any guitar, amplifier or pedal chain.

The last boost pedal you'll ever need

The Elevator doesn't just provide a clean boost, it also features a host of useful controls that provide the ability to customize your tone. Drag Control load correction on the input helps retain the natural tone of the instrument, and replicates the feeling of being connected directly to a guitar amp. When the boost switch is not engaged, the pedal can be set to true-bypass for tone purists, or a pre-boost gain stage can be activated to drive the front end of your amp harder, reserving the main boost function for soloing. The Elevator delivers 18dB of clean boost with incredibly low distortion and phase deviation, and a mid-boost switch can be simultaneously activated for added sustain.


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