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Studiologic VFP 1/15

Studiologic VFP 1/15

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Single Piano-Style Closed Polarity Sustain Pedal for Keyboards and MIDI Controllers.

VFP 1/15

The Studiologic VFP 1/15 is a single piano style sustain pedal that is closed at rest. The piano style pedal provides a comfortable feel for the purist keyboard player. It is with good reason that the VFP 1 is the best selling pedal on the market. Relying on more than 40 years of tradition in the production of tactile interfaces for musical instruments, this pedal offers absolute perfect control. Its solid body construction is strong enough to last, while its rubberized lever feels just like the real thing. The VFP 1/15 features a 6.56 foot cable with a standard ¼ "TS connector. Studiologic is synonymous with high quality MIDI controllers and ground breaking digital pianos, organs, and pedals.

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